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How to Become a Cyber Security Specialist

Author: Chris Alex /Tuesday, January 02, 2018/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Technology

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In today’s era of technology, cyber security is a major topic in organizations around the globe. Specialists in this area possess great understanding of security threats and what measures to take in order to counteract them. While this is currently one the most rapidly growing careers and a necessary asset to all companies, not everyone is eligible for the job – In order to set you up for success in this field, here are 3 qualifications you need to become a cyber security specialist:

Education Requirements
Your undergraduate degree is the first credential you need to assess before entering into the world of cyber security. Most professionals in this area generally major in Information Security, Computer Science and / or Computer Information Systems. Skill sets learned through the coursework while obtaining these degrees is extremely beneficial – It is training you to become fluent in computer operations, while teaching the ins and outs of network security and risk management.

Additional Certificates
While majoring in the suggested degrees is the best initial step in order to gather as much knowledge on the subject as possible, there are always certifications to obtain post-graduation – These are ideal when making a possible career change or simply looking to climb the ladder a bit more efficiently within the cyber security career field. A few to consider are Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). These are highly looked-for by employers when hiring new talent and members to their team.

Marketable Skills
Yes, simple knowledge of a computer network is the first level at mastering cyber security, but there are crucial foundational skills that you should have in order to be successful in this occupation. A major one being risk management – This is the backbone of all security tasks, as it evaluates how much risk your company is in and how to appropriately respond to it. Security analysis also falls into this category, as this helps to identify the vulnerabilities around your system, as well as active threats, alerting the risk management team on actions that need to be taken. Others are communication and software development – These skills are beneficial in day-to-day situations and will help in gauging and overcoming issues as they arise.

Jobs in cyber security will remain highly important, continuing to increase, for as long as our technology keeps developing. Whether this is an occupation you always dreamed of, or this is something that has recently sparked your interest, there is no better time to be apart of this career. Becoming a specialist in this area will open many doors and opportunities, as businesses will call on the qualified to protect their organizations.


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Chris Alex
Chris Alex

Chris Alex

Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets.

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Chris comes with 10+ years of Specialized Staffing industry experience and he has placed 400+ Professionals in various markets. He is a multi "Reach for the Stars (both Chairman's Club and President's Club)" Winner and he prides himself in having a high level of ethics while providing his clients with the highest level of service possible.


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